Oct 29, 2008

Sketch - Broken Heart

er... it doesn't mean anything to me though, i didn't broken heart. just thought of when mr.heart broken heart himself shall look like this... :D

Oct 24, 2008

Bizcard for Chan Kok Hooi

if you have read my last wrote about Chan Kok Hooi the contemporary artist, i believe that you would enjoy his painting. as he's in Beijing having residency artist program and will be holding exhibition there, he needs a business card for widen his population and reputation. he likes to have one of his latest paintings at the back of the card, it plays the role that giving an immediate impression on what kind of artworks Chan's doing. the texture paper was used to simulate the original painting that was on water color paper.

however, although the card involve 3 spot colors in front and 4 process colors at the back causing luxury costing, Chan still willing to go for it and he's also happy with the result. and here it is.

Oct 21, 2008

My 1st Custom Template - ZOE

i just learned a little bit of customization of blogger's template. it's kinda fun to work on. well. i decided to call this template as ZOE. and yes! i willing to share this template as well. if you feel like it please don't hesitate to download. to change the header image, look for the header section in Edit HTML, just replace the URL of the header image will do. all images are hosted by photobucket, you may create an account and upload images for free. njoy!

download ZOE

this template has deleted.