Oct 21, 2008

My 1st Custom Template - ZOE

i just learned a little bit of customization of blogger's template. it's kinda fun to work on. well. i decided to call this template as ZOE. and yes! i willing to share this template as well. if you feel like it please don't hesitate to download. to change the header image, look for the header section in Edit HTML, just replace the URL of the header image will do. all images are hosted by photobucket, you may create an account and upload images for free. njoy!

download ZOE

this template has deleted.


  1. Man, Teach me!!!

    Your blog is so cool man...

    I'm like so jealous.

    hmm.. a name huh?

    Ummm...'The Black Landhell' or maybe 'The Dark Landhell'. umm..something with Landhell...

  2. Awesome new blog design, keep posting buddy!