Nov 3, 2007

Pipit x Territory

a collaboration project within Pipit and Territory art magazine had been held on Pipit forum. the requirement was fill in the design into Pipit logo. the theme was artificial, robot and futuristic. the selected entries will be published in the Territory issue 8. i have used photo montage technique to execute my design, most of the photos are took by myself from time to time, and they are hi-res enough to do bigger. some details photos are from internet also such as eye ball, brain, flower, leaves and feather etc. this is my first time did a complete photo montage, i found it so inspired and a lot of fun along the progress, i will try more if gain some spare time or maybe some other side projects. you may click the image for larger version.

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Nov 2, 2007

An old t-shirt design

this is an old work that i did for my friend's gospel champing event's t-shirt design. the theme was 'No Fear!' and i made it in 2 versions to fit it on white base and dark base. my friend took the white print on black t-shirt for better execution. after the event, i made some enhancement and submitted to Threadless to get some scores. it did not win eventually of course. anyway, just would like share....