Nov 3, 2007

Pipit x Territory

a collaboration project within Pipit and Territory art magazine had been held on Pipit forum. the requirement was fill in the design into Pipit logo. the theme was artificial, robot and futuristic. the selected entries will be published in the Territory issue 8. i have used photo montage technique to execute my design, most of the photos are took by myself from time to time, and they are hi-res enough to do bigger. some details photos are from internet also such as eye ball, brain, flower, leaves and feather etc. this is my first time did a complete photo montage, i found it so inspired and a lot of fun along the progress, i will try more if gain some spare time or maybe some other side projects. you may click the image for larger version.

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Nov 2, 2007

An old t-shirt design

this is an old work that i did for my friend's gospel champing event's t-shirt design. the theme was 'No Fear!' and i made it in 2 versions to fit it on white base and dark base. my friend took the white print on black t-shirt for better execution. after the event, i made some enhancement and submitted to Threadless to get some scores. it did not win eventually of course. anyway, just would like share....

Oct 11, 2007

Be@rbrick Nike Windrunner 400% contribution

thanks to Pipit invited me as one of the BearBricks Nike 26 Celsius art contributor. however, due to lack of experience on toy drawing and time frame, i could only came out some black & white motives on it. compare to other super creative guys, you may want to ignore my contribution...

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Sep 14, 2007

Pipit Wish Board done!

phew! at last, i have managed to spend few nights to complete it. this is the wish board that tribute to Pipit 1st Anniversary. hope Pipit will like it. of course i hope you will enjoy it, too. the board will exhibit in the Pipit event together with bunches of art works, handcrafts and t-shirts.

hey! the event will begin tomorrow while i was writing this thread. so, will u turn up there? no matter u know me or not, please do not be shy to say hello if u intend to know landhell, hehe...

Aug 15, 2007

Pipit 1st Anniversary 2007

Pipit forum is celebrating their 1st anniversary. they are having a great event and Pipit issue #2 launching together on 15th September 2007 (Saturday) at Annexe, Central Market. at the same time, Pipit has also arranged a wishes board open for all to submit their creative artwork on used card board for the event. well, not everything for profit, artist should always keeping their faith to what their rigid for. especially you do not have this kind of opportunity so often. so, go and whack your storage for some used boxes and unleash your creativity. oh ya, they will also have bunch of artists too to perform demonstration on drawing, handcraft, talks and guitar start at 11am untill 9pm. the first 200 early birds who purchase the Pipit issue #2 will get a Pipit limited edition badge.

so, what do you waiting for? for those employers, prepare your leave form for it! for those self employed, cancel all the appointments! for freelancer, quickly make your wish board ya! for more, click here.

Jul 24, 2007

notthatbalai 2007...

a happening art festival was launch on 21 Jul 2007 called 'notthatbalai' art festival. it's an art event that is organized by a group of individuals from diverse art disciplines and social backgrounds who are passionate about art, embodying the spirit of sharing and giving.

the program of 'notthatbalai' art festival categorized into visual art exhibition, various musical performance presenting body movement, drama and dances; independent movie and short films; art dialogue, discussion and forum, guided tour of exhibition etc. topics of discussion, workshop, talk and sharing will be held based on the above mentioned category in order to create a platform for experience sharing and idea exchange. read more about it..

and i have participated the flea market stall for selling some of my and my friends' tees for the opening. but the event was too artistic causing all kind of commercial trades look weird at that time. anyway, everything should as find as it were....

Jul 9, 2007

Nice place and magazine to grab on

i just discovered a really awesome online community for die hard fans of character arts. it collects and various of character arts and designs, to share and display all those selected characters that done by artists, designers, creative and studios from worldwide.

it's CC celsius!! you can submit your masterpieces to them and get a space to unleash your creativity right away. besides, it has published a really nice publication featuring independent designers, artists and other creative people and their lovely works calls Pipit Independent Creative Issue. you may also join the forum and having fun together. and guess what? i know the forum founder and even didn't know they run the forum until today pretty well. what a shame of me...

check it out and grab one for your self! immediately!

Jun 16, 2007


This is my latest 3D job for the next chinese new year greeting card illustration. My good friend Thommy is one of the guru in greeting card industry and he intended to stimulate the market with something new. Thanks to him to give me such opportunity to publish some of my work to public.

I did the character and golds in C4D and composite the background and color correction in Photoshop of corse. Due to Thommy has done the FA with typo and fold layout, so I am not sure how will it looks like when comes to the final product. anyway, I believe it will turns out just nice. Comments and critics are welcome.

Mar 28, 2007

Start Spinning

I did this for local MMS content provider few years ago, he can just start to spin up my blog for my works include illustration, 3D animation, design and life journey, hope you will enjoy.