Jul 2, 2008

Chan Kok Hooi the Artist

i just made a website for my senior artist Chan Kok Hooi. he's a full time artist in malaysia. he also won few big awards in other country such as japan, usa and hong kong. he sold most of his painting every time holding a solo exhibition.

he had an experience that a collector from hong kong couldn't find his contact or info, then he came to malaysia to find him directly just to collect his painting. so Chan Kok Hooi decided to own a portfolio website to avoid making collector's life difficult. we artists love collectors aren't we?

we developed the site via communicate with only email. we're so pleased the result and hoping you would enjoy, too. so what do you waiting for? go there for more fabulous painting.


  1. Anonymous11:52 PM

    there's no biodata? what's there is only a resume? - siew eng

    1. Chan has just requested to remove his bio in the latest site updates, you may want to contact him with the contact form on the site if you really wanna say something to him... :)