Sep 14, 2007

Pipit Wish Board done!

phew! at last, i have managed to spend few nights to complete it. this is the wish board that tribute to Pipit 1st Anniversary. hope Pipit will like it. of course i hope you will enjoy it, too. the board will exhibit in the Pipit event together with bunches of art works, handcrafts and t-shirts.

hey! the event will begin tomorrow while i was writing this thread. so, will u turn up there? no matter u know me or not, please do not be shy to say hello if u intend to know landhell, hehe...


  1. Hi!

    My friend recommended to me your website just now, just starts to write blog , right? I love ur work, especially the board you did for pipit! I had shoot it that day, nice work ya!

    Hope can c ur more works soon! Keep it up!

  2. hi, gee fan, glad u like it, do u hav blog too? so we might share stuff... who is your friend? do i know he/she?