Jul 24, 2007

notthatbalai 2007...

a happening art festival was launch on 21 Jul 2007 called 'notthatbalai' art festival. it's an art event that is organized by a group of individuals from diverse art disciplines and social backgrounds who are passionate about art, embodying the spirit of sharing and giving.

the program of 'notthatbalai' art festival categorized into visual art exhibition, various musical performance presenting body movement, drama and dances; independent movie and short films; art dialogue, discussion and forum, guided tour of exhibition etc. topics of discussion, workshop, talk and sharing will be held based on the above mentioned category in order to create a platform for experience sharing and idea exchange. read more about it..

and i have participated the flea market stall for selling some of my and my friends' tees for the opening. but the event was too artistic causing all kind of commercial trades look weird at that time. anyway, everything should as find as it were....

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